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Marriott Hotel, Shanghai
Kevin Graves
one photographers journey
Window in a  building along a small
canal in Suzhou, just outside of
Night view from my room on the 42nd
floor of the Marriott Hotel.
The Rickshaw is an optional
transportation around Suzhou if
you get tired of walking.
The Original Match.Com
There were close to 100 of
these umbrellas lined up around
this park near the Marriott in
Shanghai.  Affixed to each
umbrella was a sheet of paper
with the profile  of a young adult
written upon it:  name, age,
physical description, annual
salary, propery/vehicle
ownership, etc..  Parents would
walk around the park, perusing
the various profiles, looking for a
possible match for their son or
daughter.  Only some of the
profiles included photos.
Suzhou Train Station
Bao'en Temple grounds.
Suzhou, China
The Beisi Pagoda tower at
Bao'en Temple in Suzhou,
9 stories high.
Floral delivery in
Suzhou, China
Boat rides are readily
available along the many