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Xiamen & Gulang Yu
Xiamen as seen from
the small island
Gulang Yu
Kevin Graves
one photographers journey
On the same street a
vendor sells her fruit.  I
bought some of the
Rambutan which is the
spiky orange fruit and on
the inside looks like a
peeled hard boiled egg but
is very sweet and juicy.
I happened upon this scene
in the same area as above.
A model poses for a
photographer during a
photoshoot in downtown
At night some of the streets
are closed to automobiles
and become walking
Nearby is the Heping ferry
that will take you across
the water to Gulang Yu, a
small tourist island with no
cars.  Pay a little extra to
sit on the top deck.  The
lower deck is quite crouded
as you can see.
Tour boat.
Statue of Koxinga on
Gulang Yu.
I have spent several days
exploring the island and still
have not seen all there is.  
The beaches are beautiful
and vary from sandy to
rocky.  Trails wander all
throughout and there is a
good hike to a fort at the
very top.  If walking is a
problem there are electric
carts to take you around.
Some college students on
holiday that I met on the
ferry.  They love to practice
their english with americans.
If you follow the street
straight from the ferry dock
you will find plenty of good
shopping.  This pearl shop
was recommended to us to
get good quality at very
reasonable prices.  You
pick out the pearls and the
length if you would like
something custom and she
will make it while you shop.
Wedding photos are
extremely popular on the
island and you are sure to
spot several couples along
your walk.  Once I counted
five couples on just one
Tree growing out of the
rock along one of the paths.
Tourist taking a break from
the warm sun.
I like to photograph
windows :)
Gulang Yu was an
international settlement of
13 countries and has a lot
of Victorian era style
View from one of the trails.